Reaching out to Christians experiencing mental health problems.

Gods reputation.

I remember I was lying on my bed praying, when I suddenly had the revelation that God cared what I thought of Him.  I could hardly comprehend this!

I was always concerned about what God thought of me, but finding out that He cared about what I thought of Him overwhelmed me with love.

Only after this did I begin to notice how important it was to God that people knew Him for who he really is. I began to see that some of the great men in scripture would pray that God would remember his promises to Israel and that He should consider what the enemies of Israel would say about Him if he forgot His promises. God always answered because He really does care what we think about Him.

I was reading the book of Isaiah yesterday, chapter 62 and was struck by verses 6 and 7 that say “You, who remind the Lord, take no rest for yourselves; give Him no rest until He establishes and makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth”

Reading this verse it is evident that God is saying that we should remind Him of his promises and give Him no rest until he establishes the promise He has made! It feels disrespectful to even think this way about our Father, but this is in His word and He wants us to do this.

Jesus says something similar in a parable on prayer in Luke: 11, verses 5 to 10.  We are again encouraged to persist in prayer, to keep asking and knocking.

I our breakthrough our healing our victory is right before us. If it’s promised in the Word of God and we cry out to God for the fulfilment of the promise, God has staked His reputation on the fact that He will hear our prayer and if we fulfil our side of the bargain He will fulfil His.

I can’t help thinking that the more fervent we are in demanding the fulfilment of promise, the more we will see miracles happen.

It’s what God is looking for.


My God, My God, why has Though forsaken Me?

I have heard a number of people using the fact that Jesus said this while on the cross, as evidence that He could not have been God!

The reasoning goes that since Jesus was asking God a question, then Jesus could not have known the answer, therefore He could not have been God, since God is all knowing.

The problem with this reasoning is it stumbles at the first hurdle, because the bible does not say that Jesus cried out ‘My God, My God, why has Though Forsaken Me?’ what scripture says is Jesus cried out saying; ‘Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani?  Which translated means ‘My God, My God, why has Though forsaken Me?

This amazing portion of scripture tells us that the people around the cross at the time did not know what Jesus was saying and some even thought He was crying out to Elijah.

They did they understand that Jesus was quoting Psalm 22 in the ancient Aramaic language in which it was originally written.

The Pharisees and others did not realise that Jesus was sending a message of love to every single one of His followers, both alive and yet to be born! a message of love that said; ‘even in My darkest hour, I was thinking of you, so I will quote this psalm for you to see that although I was going through agony, I was in complete control because I knew that the end result was that:  ‘I will tell of Thy name to My brethren, In the midst of the assembly I will praise You’ (verse 22)  

Psalm 22 tells us much about the crucifixion, the agony the feelings the mocking the insults, but in the last verse (31) it says: ‘They will come and declare His righteousness, To a people who will be born, that he has performed it’

We are the ‘people to be born’  Jesus had us in mind while He was hanging on the cross, He sent us a message of love even in the middle of His suffering, telling us that He was willing to do this for us, because it was the only way we could be saved. I can hardly think of this without my eyes filling up.

Thank you Lord Jesus.

Can we enter into Gods rest?

The book of Hebrews is awesome and I have been thinking about one portion of scripture in particular, as I am convinced that it holds the key to many people’s freedom.

For the word of God is living and active’ this verse tells us that the word of God is alive! The bible has divine life in her words and as we speak them, we are speaking out divine life.

Active’ the word of God is not dormant it is active! Whenever we read these precious words or speak them out, we can have faith that there will be a re-action in us.

I am convinced that every time we speak the word of God, there will be some activity inside of us. We may not see the results immediately and it may be that we need to declare the word out repeatedly in prayer, but if we persevere we will eventually see the fruit of our faith, because God is able to perform all that He has promised.

The first word in these verses is very important: ‘For’ this joins the above quotes to the passages of scripture that went before. These passages tell us that we can enter into the ‘Rest of God’

This is a precious promise for anyone who has been troubled with fears anxiety, or any thoughts that steal our peace.

I pray that you will find the rest of God, for your soul.

What can we do about the cruel words that have crushed us?

Working in the field of mental health, I see the damage done to people every day by cruel and hurtful words. I see adults in their fifties or sixties who are still crushed by words spoken to them as children.

The words spoken by James about the ‘power of life and death that is in the tongue’ are played out in my work-place every day.

I am intrigued as I read about the cruel and hateful words spoken to Jesus, after He was arrested.

From His arrest right through the crucifixion, then finally His death, words that were mocking, angry, accusing, and sneering, was hissed at Him, but Jesus did not defend Himself against the accusations, but instead He absorbed these words taking them on Himself.

Just as Jesus took away our infirmities our sins our sicknesses on the cross, we can be confident, He will also take away the damage done to us by the wicked words spoken into our life.

Lets call out to Him, knowing that He will heal us.

Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Can we get our miracle?

What do we need to do to get our miracle? The bible tells us that Jesus went around preaching saying ‘ the kingdom of heaven is at hand, repent therefore, and believe the gospel’

Sometimes we in the West can miss out on the blessings in scripture because we presume that we understand what a verse is saying, so do not look more into it. This is one of the scriptures in which this happens, but when we look into what Jesus was saying to the Jewish people and what they understood by what he was saying, something amazing begins to unfold.

‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand’  their is two parts to this verse.

‘The Kingdom of Heaven’ When we in the West see this we tend to think about the place we will go to when we die, but this was not the people of Israel’s understanding. What they understood when Jesus said this was a reference to what happened when some of the great prophets in the bible like Moses or Elijah were able to bring the miracle power of heaven down to earth. The Jews hearing Jesus all knew about these men, being brought up from childhood being told the stories of how they were friends of God and how they could do the miracles mentioned in scripture.

‘Is at hand’ This refers to something that any carpenter or skilled tradesman would understand. It means that the worker has set up their workstation so that each tool can be quickly accessed because they have been positioned within easy reach of the workstation. The tradesman does not have to waste time looking for various tools as they are all within his reach.

So for the first part of the verse, Jesus is saying that the miracle power that the Jewish people thought was only available to these great prophets could be accessed by everyone!  This must have been a remarkable statement for the people listening to Jesus and still is!

‘Repent therefore and believe the Gospel’ the word that leaps out at me is ‘Therefore‘, because this ’therefore’ links the promise, to what we need to do to access it.  Jesus it telling the people listening: your healing, your breakthrough, your deliverance, it’s all within reach and this is what you need to do to access it.

‘Repent therefore and believe the Gospel’ To repent we need to change the way we think, ‘Gospel is the ‘good news’ that Jesus has come to save us from our sins and make us whole.

‘Believe’ I think it’s the ‘Believe’ that trips us up, but should it? Why can’t we make the decision that whatever we may think of ourselves or whatever our faults, we can believe that through Christ Jesus and his promise in this verse, the power of heaven is at our disposal?

Maybe we will need to pray to our Lord that He will teach us more about this, or show us what is hindering us laying hold of this blessing, but I am fully convinced that if Jesus says that ‘the kingdom of heaven is at hand’, it must be within reach for all of us.

What an amazing thought.

Dying to Self.

God has impressed on me recently, that He doesn’t want to improve me, clean me up, make me a better person, show me where I’ve been going wrong. What He wants is a NEW me!

In order to obtain this I need to be prepared to surrender everything to God. This sounds great in principle because we all know how loving our Father is, but in practice ….?  Oh dear! Help me Holy Spirit.

One of my favourite places is Saint Andrews in Scotland. It’s famous in the golfing world, because it has the oldest golf course on earth. It also has Saint Andrews Castle, a very well preserved castle that has a very colourful history.

Set on a beautiful sandy beach Saint Andrews would not strike you as the kind of place to have  a dark past, but it certainly has.

As you walk around the narrow streets of the town, you will notice brass markers moulded into the pavements or roads. If you stop and look around you will find a plaque nearby that will tell you that on the very spot of the marker, someone was burned to death at the stake. The crime?  Refusing to deny the truth of the bible and conform to the teachings of the Catholic Church at that time. Most of the victims were in their early twenties.

Here we see a place in which the desire of man to be in control of God, meets the desire of men who wanted God to have complete control.

These brave young men were prepared to suffer this torturous death rather than deny God, but their sacrifice was not in vain, because when the reformation arrived in Scotland, it began in Saint Andrews.

The apostle Paul said that ‘it was no longer he that lived, but Christ lived through him’

I wonder what would happen if we could get to the stage in our walk with Jesus, when we could say the same?

Bless you.

Pray for the peace of Israel.

I had a fantastic evening praying  for Israel with a group of Christian friends tonight. This group runs at the home of a lovely couple from my church, Chris and Karen.

While we were praying, I was reminded about the many times over the past fifty years that Israels enemies have attacked her and how the world has looked on expecting sure defeat and perhaps even extinction for the Jewish people because they have been so outnumbered and outgunned,only for the whole world to look on in astonishment as Israel has overcame her enemies, time and time again.

Not many people are aware that American military strategists, who study military campaigns to see if they can learn lessons for American forces, have stopped studying Israels wars. They have concluded that the wars involving Israel make no military sense.

I firmly believe the reason for this is because Israel and the Jewish people, had a promise from God that when they were returned to their land, that He would protect them from their enemies.

The thing about this is, Christians also have the promise that when we are attacked from our enemy, God will lead us to victory.

God does not fight for us, but rather He fights along side us until we have learned to defeat our enemy.  We don’t have to worry if we seem to be in jaws of defeat and extinction, God does not change His mind about His promise just because we are in a dark place.

He fulfils His promise because He does not lie and if He says he will do something, we can rely on Him to do it.


Psalm 23

‘Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I shall fear no evil, for Though art with me, Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me,

Though prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies

Psalm 23 is one of the most beautiful psalms, but I am particularly drawn to two things. The first thing to notice is that God has laid a table with our future blessings/ministry, etc and has done this in the presence of our enemy! It’s amazing to me that God has allowed the devil to see where I am headed and it’s as if He is saying; ‘go on then Satan, see if you can thwart my plan for Patricks life’

The second thing that blesses me is that psalm 23 tells us that ‘His rod and staff  they comfort me’. You see, I always considered the comforter (Holy Spirit) would give me a big spiritual cuddle and perhaps whisper ‘there, Patrick, everything going to be just fine, I will sort it all out for you’ but this psalm is telling me that it’s a rod and staff that is used to comfort me and the rod and staff is what a shepherd uses to prod the sheep in the bahooky if it does not go in the direction that the shepherd wants him to.

It’s awesome to think that Jesus is telling us that the enemy knows our future in Christ and that we will go through some tough times because the enemy is trying to stop us getting through ‘The valley of the shadow of death’ but the Holy Spirit will be prodding us along, making sure we are going in the right direction, until we finally reach the table that Jesus has prepared for us.

So no matter what we are going through, we can take heart that the very battle that seems to be crushing us, is the battle that is making us stronger and preparing us for our destiny in Christ.

Be blessed.

Just back from church.

Had a blessed time worshiping as always.

One of the leaders prayed for me and spoke a word in season, that confirmed I’m doing the right thing at the right time, by starting this blogg.

The bible tells us that God inhabits the praises of His people and I am convinced that you can find healing for a troubled mind if you will focus on the Lord Jesus and loose yourself in worship. If you look at the Children of Israels exodus from Egypt, you will see that the reason God called for Pharaoh to let the people of Israel to go out into the wilderness was to worship Him. Pharaoh, the enemy of God resisted this command and the enemy of our soul will sometimes attempt to prevent us worshiping our Saviour, but do not be disheartened, keep pressing on and you will find your freedom just as the children of Israel did. Like them you will have many battles to face, but you will be out of Egypt and on your way to your own promised land.

Well here goes!

I’m new to bloggin, so please bear with me.

The reason I’ve set up this blog is to help Christians who suffer from mental health problems. If you suffer from these problems or know someone who does, then I’d love to hear from you.

I have worked in the field of mental health for about nine years and have learned a great deal about the conditions, but before this I was diagnosed as being a paraniod schizophrenic and had five hospital addmissions as well as attending day hospitals etc.

I became a Christian in 1997. I had decided to end my life, but had been asked by a Christian who I met to give his church a try. As he put it ‘I had nothing to lose’

To cut a long story short I became a Christian, then was taken off medication by my consultant spychiatrist and have been off the medication ever since without relapse.

So Now I want to help others make the same journey from darkness to light that I made, so drop me an email, if you find this site.


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